Hugh wins mentorship award through DPE

The Ephrahim Garcia Graduate Student Excellence in Mentoring Award recognized Hugh as a graduate student who exhibits exceptional mentorship of undergraduates and/or new graduate students in their assistantships, fosters greater inclusion through mentoring, and works closely with others in research and/or other settings across the college.

Big news for 2 ERG members!

In June 2017:

Colleen took a road trip from NY to Portland, OR for a summer internship at Lam Research Corporation.

Hugh won the Technology Commercialization Fellowship for summer and fall 2017, through which he will explore the commercialization process for lithium-metal battery research from the Archer group.

3 recently published articles

The ERG recently published two articles in The Journal of Chemical Physics and one in The Journal of Physical Chemistry C:

“Who’s on first? Tracking in real time the growth of multiple crystalline phases of an organic semiconductor: Tetracene on SiO2” in December 2016 with lead author Rambert Nahm, found here.

“Preface: Special Topic on Atomic and Molecular Layer Processing: Deposition, Patterning, and Etching” in February 2017 by Prof. Jim Engstrom and Prof. Andrew Kummel of UCSD, found here.

“Faster Is Smoother and So Is Lower Temperature: The Curious Case of Thin Film Growth of Tetracene on SiO2” in April 2017 with lead author Rambert Nahm, found here.