Big news for 2 ERG members!

In June 2017:

Colleen took a road trip from NY to Portland, OR for a summer internship at Lam Research Corporation.

Hugh won the Technology Commercialization Fellowship for summer and fall 2017, through which he will explore the commercialization process for lithium-metal battery research from the Archer group.

3 recently published articles

The ERG recently published two articles in The Journal of Chemical Physics and one in The Journal of Physical Chemistry C:

“Who’s on first? Tracking in real time the growth of multiple crystalline phases of an organic semiconductor: Tetracene on SiO2” in December 2016 with lead author Rambert Nahm, found here.

“Preface: Special Topic on Atomic and Molecular Layer Processing: Deposition, Patterning, and Etching” in February 2017 by Prof. Jim Engstrom and Prof. Andrew Kummel of UCSD, found here.

“Faster Is Smoother and So Is Lower Temperature: The Curious Case of Thin Film Growth of Tetracene on SiO2” in April 2017 with lead author Rambert Nahm, found here.

ERG publishes 2 new articles

Two articles by the ERG were published in The Journal of Physical Chemistry C in March 2016:

“When the Sequence of Thin Film Deposition Matters: Examination of Organic-on-Organic Heterostructure Formation Using Molecular Beam Techniques and in Situ Real Time X-ray Synchrotron Radiation” with lead author Ed Kish, found here.

“Unexpected Effects of the Rate of Deposition on the Mode of Growth and Morphology of Thin Films of Tetracene Grown on SiO2” with lead author Rambert Nahm, found here.

Welcome, Hugh and Taewon!

Welcome to our two newest members, Hugh and Taewon! Hugh joins us from SUNY Stony Brook, and Taewon from University of Minnesota.

Also, congratulations to our most recent grad, Ed Kish! He graduated earlier this year with his PhD and now works at RSR Technologies.